Dream Another Day

bfc2a0db371700455530dff3f1f15b44The slight blush on her cheeks, the curve of her lips, the twinkle in her eyes was evidence enough to tell the world that she was happy. She loved to travel the little world she lived in. She loved to interact, to meet new people. Her voice the sound of a soothing melody, her eyes the colour of her favourite chocolate, her face the shape of the little heart she drew on every page of her diary. She was free; she was alive. She was given all the love she deserved. She was confident, passionate, ambitious. She was allowed to go anywhere she wanted to. Her world was her own safe place. The little world she lived in, nobody judged her, nobody despised her, nobody envied her. Freedom was her nectar; happiness was her honey. She dressed like a princess; she spoke like a leader. She was not afraid of anybody. She was a woman of substance; a lady of immense knowledge, and desire to live her life her own way, which she did.

This was her idea of how she wanted to be. One day, she wished to share this with the world. All she got was this- “Dream Another Day”.